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La naturopathie vise à maintenir le bien-être et la santé en recherchant la cause primaire des maux et en considérant l'individu dans sa globalité. 


Qu’est ce que la naturopathie ?

Naturopathy is a preventive medicine recognized by the WHO. She uses natural means (diet, physical exercise, psycho-emotional management and other techniques) that allow you to regain or optimize your health. Naturopathy considers the human as a whole (physical, energetic, emotional, psychological, spiritual, social and environmental).

The naturopathic health practitioner questions you by following this approach and is interested in the interactions that may have an impact on your health and well-being. He plays the role of a health educator who accompanies you to become an actor in your own health. It helps you to better understand your body, to increase your vitality, to detect the small alarm signals before the pathology settles down as well as to adopt a lifestyle that respects your physiology.

Le naturopathe ne remplace pas le médecin et n’établit pas de diagnostic. En cas de pathologie lourde ou de traitement médicamenteux, la naturopathie peut se pratiquer en complémentarité de la médecine allopathique – avec l’accord du médecin.

Qui consulte un naturopathe ?

  • healthy peoplewho wish to support and strengthen the latter. In this case, it is a question of acting in prevention, in order to maintain and optimize well-being and vitality as well as obtaining the keys to a healthy diet and lifestyle.

  • People with functional or acute disordersoften characterized by imbalance and chronicity: fatigue, digestive disorders, various pains and tensions, emotional states causing sleep disorders, stubborn allergies, female cycle disorders, skin disorders, overweight, declining fertility, etc.

  • In the event of serious pathology of the order of the lesional or degenerative: the naturopath is aware that he cannot take care of the patient or intervene in the medical treatments in progress. Complementary advice and an emotional support relationship are offered to better support ongoing treatments and improve the patient's quality of life.

What happens during a consultation ?


It can vary from one practitioner to another. The first session begins with a detailed discussion time; a real survey exploring your expectations and possible difficulties, but also your history, your background, your relationship to physical activity, to stress, to your environment. It continues with a vital assessment which is established thanks to the analysis of certain constitutional, temperamental and diathesic aspects before proceeding to the examination of the iris and the taking of the pulse. The latter makes it possible to evaluate your degree of toxemia, to apprehend your ground and your vitality.

The assessment leads to an essential educational dialogue as well as the development of an individualized vital hygiene program.

The purpose of follow-up consultations is to deepen the support, take stock of your progress, answer your questions and continue the work. Depending on the needs of each, the accompaniment can be more or less long.




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